Introducing Hill Food Co chef, Katie

Katie, foraging for elderflowers in the Oxfordshire hedgerows before turning her pickings into pickles and cordials. Pictured on the right drying out pasta in Hill Food Co’s kitchen. Katie is a super talented chef and vital member of our team. We asked her a few event related questions:

Your favourite venue in London?
'Paper Mill Studios in Angel, it’s incredible.’ 

Type of event you enjoy working at the most? 
‘Weddings. Small ones are my favourite especially if I get to do the cake’.

Best Hill Food Co dish you’ve made? 
‘We did this insane cornbread stuffing with pecans and wild mushrooms for a Thanksgiving party. It was banging.’ 

Fav restaurant in London? 
‘Current favourite is Brat.’

Fav flower?
‘How do I choose… probably Dalia.’

Both of these cakes pictured were made by Katie. The mini layer cake on the left was made with layers of buttery sponge, homemade jam and Swiss meringue buttercream. The four tiered cake pictured on the right was a recent commission for a very special wedding this summer. Each tier was made up of a different flavour chosen by our client - passion fruit curd, carrot, salted caramel and raspberry.

Georgia Doherty