Rio Punch

Another week rolls by before we know it… cocktail hour here we come. Today we’re testing drinks recipes in the kitchen for our busy schedule of summer events. Today’s favourite is a Rio punch with Cachaça, lemonade, fresh lemons, sugar syrup, orange blossom water and a splash of soda. Garnished with passion fruit pulp and a slice of lemon. It’s easy to make and works great when multiplied up in a big punch bowl.

It’s the perfect refreshing drink for summer parties and events.


Makes 1 drink:

25ml lemon juice, freshly squeezed

50ml Cachaça

2 drops of orange blossom water

20ml sugar syrup

35ml good quality lemonade

30ml soda water

Garnish-  half a passionfruit and a slice of lemon

1. Mix the lemon juice, sugar syrup, Cachaça and orange blossom water in a glass, we love these short cut glass ones.

2. Spoon in a generous handful of crushed ice and top with the lemonade and soda water. Garnish with the lemon, stir and spoon over the pulp of the passionfruit.

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